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I agree to myself/my son/daughter or charge taking part in Inclusive Skating sessions and events.

I agree to myself/my son/daughter or charge being automatically accepted into membership of the Inclusive Skating sub-association(s) representing the nationality, club, interest and/or disability specific group as indicated.

I understand that ice-skating is a risk sport and accept that I/my son/daughter/ward/myself will be taking part in Inclusive Skating and associated activities.

I agree to the person(s) named above being registered with Inclusive Skating and I/we agree to abide by the rules as published in the Handbook and on the website.

If emergency medical/dental or veterinary treatment is required in my absence or incapacity of myself or delegate, I authorise the appointed Inclusive Skating Official to obtain such treatment as they reasonably consider necessary. I give my consent that if an emergency medical situation arises, the appointed Inclusive Skating Official may act as loco parentis. In my absence or in the event of my incapacity, I authorise the supervisor to sign any written form of consent required by hospital authorities on my behalf, should the delay required to obtain my signature be considered likely to endanger my charge/child’s health by the said authority. In such circumstances, I understand that every effort shall be made to contact me prior to this action being taken.

I/we agree to abide by any rules/ guidance regarding safe and correct equipment (including footwear and helmets/ hats and protective gear) that I/my son/daughter/ward/myself must wear. Helmets and protective headgear are advised for beginners and those with episodic loss of consciousness at all times.

I/we agree that I/we will be bound by the Rules of Inclusive Skating and neither I nor they will hold Inclusive Skating liable for any personal injury to any participant or person registered with Inclusive Skating or loss or damage to any of their equipment.

I understand that events are insured in respect of legal liabilities (third party and public liability) but that personal accident insurance for myself of my child/charge is not covered. I also understand that any extension of insurance for myself, my child/charge is my responsibility.

I understand British residents will obtain annual third partly liability insurance upon membership.

I/we confirm that I/we have read, or been made aware of, the Inclusive Skating Code of Conduct for Officials and Inclusive Skating’s policies and will abide by all policies and codes and the following and any updates and additional policies that become applicable, including:

  • Codes of conduct for Officials (including parents, coaches and children & young people)
  • Anti-bullying policy
  • Safeguarding policy
  • Equity policy
  • Transport policy
  • Changing room policy
  • Photography, filming and social media policies

I give permission for myself and my son/daughter/charge to take part in photographs, any publicity shots or video footage for Inclusive Skating. Participants and their parents/guardians give permission for any photographic and/or film or TV footage taken of persons at Inclusive Skating activities to be used and published in any media whatsoever for editorial purposes, press information or advertising by or on behalf of Inclusive Skating and/or official sponsors of Inclusive Skating. I understand that Inclusive Skating will select photographs/ footage for publication with care and respect for those shown.

By completing this form as Parent or Guardian of the skater consent is given for and on behalf of the skater.

I certify all details are accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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